Since starting my journey in the gentle art, I been amazed by the profundity and essence of Brazilian Jiujitsu.
The more I trained, I realized that the frame of mind necessary to be successful in the art is not only relevant to BJJ, but to daily living, hence the concept of JiujitsuWithin. If you allow it to be, jiujitsu can become more than a physical practice,but a way of being. It can become a wonderful tool of perception, to experience daily situations with ease and poise.
The journey transforms you, it molds your perception to experience life through the path of non-resistance. You learn to trust and become one with the flow, with the roll, with the art itself. In the same manner life happens in flows, cycles that have their crescents and descents, the natural form of a wave.
In jiujitsu you learn to ride that wave by using your body and mind efficiently. There is a universal principle that rules underneath every operation in a physical world; the use of the minimum amount of energy required for maximum performance and efficiency.
Through jiujitsu we can achieve the mastery of this universal principle through the proper learning and usage of technique. What we refer as leverage in the art is nothing more than this principle in operation.
The purpose of JiujitsuWithin is to provide insights in how to use leverage in our daily life. If we experience life through a perception of inclusion, everything becomes interconnected. So next time life have its “100 kilos” on you, I hope JiujitsuWithin would offer an insight, a momentum to transition to a safe position! Jiujitsu after all is not only an art, is a way of life! To all jiujiteiros out there, lets keep rolling! OSS!