JiujitsuWithin is a blog dedicated to the translation of the core principles of the gentle art into daily living.  If we pause for a minute and deeply contemplate the dynamics in Jiujitsu, we can see a correlation between patterns and energies interacting every instant.  These patterns and energies range from the physical and mental, to the spiritual in a deeper level, nonetheless harmonically interconnected in various degrees .  To understand these physical and mental patterns, first we must be conscious that everything around us is subject to natural laws.  The same laws that work in your body are the same natural laws ruling the seasons, the skies, and gravity itself.

The great gift from the art is that it teach us how to manipulate theses patterns to accomplish an individualized form of expression. This individual form of expression is what we refer as our “game”. ¬†To efficiently develop our game is necessary to strive for perfection, which in turn leads to self-mastery of body and mind. ¬†In other words, by deeply analyzing the workings of Jiujitsu we can learn how to approach life in a conscious manner. ¬†The purpose of JiujitsuWithin is to expand the horizons of the reader to a point where they can experience the correlation between the inner works of the art and daily life. ¬†The key is to maintain a receptive state of mind in and out the mats.

” What is well rooted cannot be pulled up. ¬†What is firmly grasped will not slip loose. ¬†It will be honoured from generation to generation”

—Lao Tzu