JiujitsuWithin: Into Context.

A sage once said, “What is above is below”.  You may wonder the meaning of such a phrase, but if we seat for a  moment and contemplate on it, we may be able to understand the wisdom behind it.  If we penetrate deep enough into this truth, we can become aware of our inner drive, our relation to others and our role in the great scheme of things. The purpose of this article is not to talk about abstract concepts but practical ones, concepts that may inspire and facilitate us, as individuals to discover a state of mind that is suitable for  learning and expansion.  A state of mind that is necessary if we want to fully absorb and transpire the inner and outer benefits of any discipline, including Brazilian jiu-jitsu. There is a blueprint, a master-key that opens a door of endless possibilities to our potential, and is operating 24/7 in everything we do, and in everything that is happening in our surroundings.  You may ask, if this blueprint is everywhere, why we don’t see it? We don’t see it because we are to busy within our own minds.  We are not conscious enough of our environment and the people around it. We don’t take the time to analyze, to observe and really understand the context in which our life is unfolding, and the relation we have to other people.  If we don’t have an idea of the big picture (and it doesn’t need to be a detail one, if not what surprises would it be left?), or a road map per se, we are just like blind men hoping to go north, while stumbling in darkness.  So what is all this business of “What is above is below”? The way I perceived this phrase, and the practical usefulness I can absorb from it, although it may imply more profound truths, is that everything in nature operates within a context. We can visualize this context, as a spinal cord that connects the movements of the limbs and harmonize them into a single purpose. From “above” we can see how this context, or spinal cord can be represented by the function of gravity and its role harmonizing the rotation of the planets and its interaction with each other, synchronizing rotations and stellar movements into calculated FLOWS. From “below” we can see this principle in operation literally in our own spinal cord and its central influence in the different limbs of our body to synchronize the mechanisms of MOVEMENT. This principle of context not only operates in physical bodies, but also can be found in the core of any discipline.  If we learn how to identify the spinal cord or base of any discipline, we have learned how to learn. If we don’t understand the base of whatever might be, jiu-jitsu, music or dancing. We will miss the vital point of the discipline, and would end up absorbing hollow concepts. To fully submerge in any discipline, it is essential to get intimate with the basics. We must become ONE with the essence, with the spinal cord of the discipline. It is not without a reason that all the masters in the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu emphasize the importance of BASICS.  it is very easy to get lost in the hypnotic beauty of fancy submissions and movements, which eventually will come! But first we must solidify the spinal cord of the art (basics), before we efficiently use its limbs (submission, leverage and movement).  And it takes time, effort, work and dedication. The gentle art is a tree of abundant fruit, but to be fruitful it is essential to be cultivated under proper conditions. Remember to protect the seed of the art with the soil of your patience, to nurture it with the rays of your dedication and water it with the sweat of hard work. A wise man once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

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